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Use the Pomodoro Technique To Keep Your ADD/ADHD Homeschooler On Track

Homeschool moms and dads know just how difficult it is to keep kids concentrated. There are a great deal of distractions that can avert you or your child, and also this is specifically tough for children with ADD/ADHD. The Pomodoro Technique is an extremely effective way to provide your youngster structure as well as flexibility while optimizing their focus and productivity.

The Classical Education Model

Touted to be the return to a proven approach of past centuries, the Classic Educational Model is gaining in popularity among homeschooling parents. The model is defined by exposure to history, art, culture, languages, philosophy, and also literature of Western People. With a Christian emphasis (it additionally focuses on the growth of a scriptural view of the globe and also Faith is taken into consideration to be the queen of sciences), the core of this design is the Trivium, which tailors curriculum topic to a youngster’s cognitive growth.

Measure Progress Without Testing

A myriad of afterthought questions show up on a lot of published tests. Why? Because they are simple to write and also simple to rating. They’re additionally mainly useless when it involves determining what your student has learned …

The Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method

Charlotte Mason’s Educational Method is centered around the idea of a three-pronged education. Education is ambience (atmosphere). Education and learning is discipline (practices of character). Education and learning is life (academics). It is essentially discovering through living and also suggestions, not just via facts.

Home Schooling 24/7?

“College” on Saturday 2 or three times in a row can be an unpleasant experience for everyone, not just the children. If this defines what’s occurring with among your youngsters, right here are some ideas that may aid you with the scenario …

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